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About us

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Our Values

The goal of this website is very simple – to provide you with accurate and honest information about a company you may be interested in using.  We hand select the companies we want to review because we have first hand experience and although most of our experiences are good, we are providing the most honest information available.  Many reviews on the internet are by people who never tried a company but recommend it and this leads to consumers being disappointed.

Money, Money, Money

Of course there has to be an added incentive to create a website, pay for people like you to read our content and reviews – while we do earn from most of our partners via affiliate commissions, these reviews are in no way created for the sole purpose of generating revenue. 

Obviously we have to make a profit to keep the lights on however our primary goal is about our content firstly and everything else is secondary.

The vision

Our vision is to live in an internet World where every review is based on actual user experience rather than driven by money and greed.  It may sound hypocritical being affiliated with a multitude of companies but you can trust us when we say, anything you read on our website about a company is from direct experience with that company and not based fiction.