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Our review of the number one Hotel price comparison website.

Rise to Glory

Founded in 2005 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Trivago has surged to the top of the hotel price comparison industry in a short space of time. Their success is down to their innovative website and mobile app which easily lets users search for hotels by distance, popularity, rating or price while at the same time providing the lowest price available saving users time and money.

  1. Trivago's Website
Million Visitors

Trivago boasts more than 120 million visitors every single month.
Their database has more than 700,000 hotels and they provide users with more than 80 million hotel reviews to help their customers make informed decisions.


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6 Reasons to Try Trivago

Easy to use
User Friendly

Trivago's website is very intuitive and requires no technical ability when finding the perfect hotel deal.

Cheap Hotels
Low Prices

Trivago is number one because they compare prices from thousands of different sources and give you the best price possible.

Focused on you
Dedicated Team

Trivago employs more than 1,000 great minds who have created a product that is much more advanced than the competition making them number one in their industry.

Hassle Free

Trivago's website offers a seamless hotel booking service taking the stress away from browsing countless other sites for the best deal possible.

Millions of Customers

Trivago receives more than 120 million visitors per month and has provided millions of hotel bookings to travelers seeking a hassle free experience.

Great Application

Trivago has a very impressive mobile app for those customers who need to book a hotel while they are on-the-go. Their app will filter hotels based on your current location making the experience even easier.

Visit Trivago Today

Trivago is the number one hotel comaprison site for a reason - find your dream hotel today at the lowest price possible.

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